Stabilized soil mixing station assembly Basic Troubleshooting Soil stabilizer on our lives plays an important role, lets learn more about the fault related components stabilized soil mixing station air handling components occur which: oil and water separator fault, regulator and lubricator failure of these three failures are more common fault, the fault generally mist filter clogging, breakage of moving parts, the drain valve is not flexible phenomenon, we usually use is to regularly clean the filter, remove the oil and sewage vessel impurities. Symptom lubricator has not drip, deposited at the bottom of the oil cup of water, when the oil mist does not drip, it should check the inlet gas flow rate is below the fog flow, leaks. To discover whether there is water at the bottom of the oil cup, findings should be immediately removed; when the seal is damaged and should be replaced. Stabilized soil mixing station mixing principle It appears stabilized soil mixing station so that the original human stirred steering mechanization and more uniform mixing station after stirring raw materials, in line with production needs. Then mixing principle stabilized soil mixing station is like? What materials it can be stirred it? Stabilized soil mixing station mixing equipment can be used for mixing various materials, hydraulic materials as long as it is combined with a stabilizer mixture can basically use it for mixing. It is in the process of the high quality Hydraulic unloading electric twin shaft concrete mixer job having the ingredients evenly, mixing evenly, saving and other advantages of the material, but mixing station higher workplace requirements, can only work in a fixed venue. Even more stringent requirements of the site is useless hindered widespread use of stabilized soil mixing station, to today, it has been widely used in the construction of highways and urban roads grassroots, bottom of the grass-roots, and in the yard, parking lot, aviation airport mixing and other construction projects require stable material has been tapped to play a more important role. From manual mixing machine age to come it is to achieve a qualitative leap. Stabilized soil mixing station is how to achieve this leap? It is in use, first select the appropriate materials, including lime, crushed gravel, soil particles, fly ash and so can use stabilized soil mixing station for processing . Then, the material has been selected into the batching hopper loaders are fully prepared for the operation to work. After opening the machine, all the materials can be given through the feed metering machine to the belt feeder set to achieve processing. Meanwhile, the stabilizers include lime and cement powder can also be fed through a variety of ways vault. Thereafter, the input from the screw conveyor weighing hoppers, the weighing machine by feeding given to the belt feeder can be set, the process is substantially complete. Eventually, all the raw materials go through the feeder to the stabilized soil mixing a good product, and then through the role of the feeder, among all the materials are sent to the temporary storage of the material mixture storage. Stabilized soil mixing station of the process is relatively complex, during the operation to strictly adhere to our operating procedures to understand the principles and basic knowledge of the operation, to master the basic steps, only to do the above three points, in order to ensure the stability of soil mixing station can be stable and effective for us to play a role. How to safely use concrete mixer Safety is the focus of machinery and equipment, hydraulic concrete mixer is a non-mechanical seal running, so security is very important in the operation, then how can the safe use of concrete mixer it? Concrete mixing plant project planning group use on hydraulic mixer remind you to observe the following rules: 1, the operation of the hydraulic concrete mixer drivers must undergo professional security training, examination, certificates, prohibited the drivers operation. 2, hydraulic concrete mixer bucket elevator is prohibited under the hopper or through work, clean up fighting pit, the hopper should be cleaned before double insurance hook firmly linked. 3, hydraulic concrete mixer operation are not allowed to use the tool into the material stirred barrel Pa. 4, hydraulic concrete mixer classes will scrub clean the inside and outside, will raise the hopper firmly linked double insurance hook, wind up its power, lock gates box. 5, non-maintenance operation. Maintenance mixer, progressive block concrete mixer china for sale must wind up its power, lock gates box, hang up, "someone is working non-closing" card, and send someone to care. 6, the use of hydraulic equipment lifting equipment to the principle of non-operating personnel lifting site. 7, regular inspection of hydraulic concrete mixer bucket elevator rope is solid.

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