Yeah, I got the computer xD

Hai der. ewe Its only 8 AM.. Gah.. I have to think of something random to write about.

Mmm... I got started on DNAngel this morning... //is obviously struggling to find a topic// .-. And.. I got about seven chapters done.. I think. 030  

The cat pushed the door open to my room last night. Twice. *face desk* She scared the crap outta me the third time this morning. xD The door is kinda creaky, and she pushed it open and scared me half to death. Imma get a picture of her if I can and post it here. Shes evil, but cute. She scratched my eyelid last year. 030 Shes a mean cat. But if you hang around her enough she gets nicer. But she hissed at me last night. And I was just looking at her xDD Yeah.... She has issues xD 

Oh yeahhhhh! //has a topic now// My aunt brought her dogs with her and my cousins and uncle when they came here last night. Gahhhhh I shoulda gotten a picture. >.< Oh wait. I have a picture of Belle... Onnnn my DSi.... In the system memory... Craaap.. Oh well.. Maybe I can figure out how to post it from the DSi sometime. 030

Belle was running all over the place. She was jumping on everyone xD Then shhe managed to find one of the cats toys and started playing with it. Melissa was throwing it for her and she was going WILD chasing it xDD By the end it was soaked. She ended up knocking over the cats water bowl and eating the food, too. Then she tried drinking from the empty water bowl xD

And while Belle was doing that Muggle was just moving around every so often, asking for attention. And at one point he ot up on the couch, and when my aunt tried to get him off, he was smart and whirled arund really fast and sat down. They gt him off, and he sat down in front of the couch xD

Im talking to Insanity naow ewe Hahahaaa~ This is entertaining. //wants to take screesnhots so bad// Gah, I might run upstairs to get my flashdrive so I can take screenshots.

Is it bad to make a chara based off "Bullet" by Hollywood Undead? *tilts head* No, seriously? I made one last night. Eheheh.. His name is Nayru.

Theres supposed to be this party-thing tonight. 030 We went to the mall, and I didnt get anything xD

They didnt have Animal Crossing anywhere, either DX 

ER MEH GERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD JERMIS. STAHP IT STAHP ITTTTTTT. ITS YOUR FAULT HE KNOWS. ITS YOUR FAULT HE LEFT NOW, TOO. //cries in corner// Andy left RES. ;n; And he doesnt use his dA a whole lot. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat. *slams head off desk*